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Electro Adda is a business reality that has been able to maintain a family management consistent with its history and the industrial context in which it was born. At the same time, it has been able to evolve, from 1948 to the present day, to structure itself as a modern international Group with high-level manufacturing and commercial partnerships.

A large and modern organization, a benchmark for leading companies in Europe and worldwide with a vertical production capacity to deliver more than 110,000 motors from fractions of 1 kW to 1.5MW worldwide.

Electro Adda is an active member of EASA – The Electro Mechanical Authority – in order to improve global after-sales service, to share experiences and to offer appropriate support to customers on a worldwide basis.

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Brake motors FE series - Updated Type Approval

Brake motors FE series - Updated Type Approval

Updated marine type approval includes high efficiency motors, forced ventilation and steel/cast iron motor frames to cover energy saving requirements and requirements of special applications

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Electro Adda, è orgogliosamente il main sponsor della Pallavolo Olginate. In vista dell’imminente inizio del campionato di Serie B2 vogliamo manifestare il nostro sostegno alle atlete e a tutto il team della squadra che incarna i valori di determinazione, impegno e collaborazione che riflettono i nostri stessi principi aziendali.

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Electro Adda powering agricultural equipment

Electro Adda powering agricultural equipment

Electro Adda powering agricultural equipment
Harvesting sugar beet 24×7 to preserve product quality….Electro Adda brake motor are commanding the moving table collecting sugar beets. In case of a sudden stop for whichever the reason, brake will avoid the harvest to fall back!
Critical equipment working in extreme conditions for our “sweet moment”
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A highly specialized team of professionals, new development programs and a commitment to research make Electro Adda a strategic partner.

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