Industrial production

Founded in 1948 by the twin brothers Antonio and Luigi Riva, Electro Adda has been able to grow, expand its product portfolio focused on electric motors for every market and service, target international customers while maintaining its identity as a family business (now in its third generation) as well as its determination to keep production in Italy.

In more than seventy years, Electro Adda has developed in-depth engineering and technological expertise to meet the needs and create value for customers and end users of three-phase electric motors.

The production capacity is vertical: starting with the raw material, our workshops occupying an area of 25,000 m2 manufacture in house what engineering designs or what the customer requires. Shearing and punching of laminations, mechanical machining of shafts, shields, flanges and casings, construction of rotor cages, electrical windings, assembly and testing are the production departments in the Beverate di Brivio, LC (Lake Como) factory from which more than 110,000 motors ranging from fractions of kW to 1.5MW are delivered worldwide every year.

These are continuously updated through investments in machinery that can interface with the planning and technical departments through the 4.0 approach.

Our operators – as valuable as the knowledge accumulated over the years – adapt and improve the working method through the Lean approach and the glue of teamwork.

The combination of design and production capacity-flexibility has been the essence of our quality product Made in Italy for over 75 years and will be so in the years to come with the one shared goal of customer satisfaction and the will to improve as we grow in the world.