The group

Italian production, international horizon

Electro Adda is a business reality that has been able to maintain a family management consistent with its history and the industrial context in which it was born. At the same time, it has been able to evolve and structure itself as a modern international Group with European manufacturing and commercial partnerships.
A large, modern organization used to dialogue with leading companies in their specific sectors.

Established in the 1990’s, our subsidiary company ‘Società Macchine Elettriche’ located in Modena is commercially responsible for customers located in the Centre and South of Italy.

Backed up by large warehouse facilities and our highly skilled in-house workshop, we can offer both standard and customised industrial products and solutions.

Our team consists of 3 sales representatives and 2 experienced workshop engineers who work closely with our headquarters in Beverate di Brivio.

This subsidiary is purposefully located in a prime position enabling us to assist the immediately located and highly populated countryside.

Our Modena team strives on quick response times, reliability, and fast deliveries for those urgent requirements.


Winding&Production, a direct partner of the group, is a company specialising in the manufacture of copper windings, an essential component for the production of electric motors. With the acquisition of W&P – the company based in Zalau, Romania, Electro Adda brings the production of components essential for final quality under its direct control and adds an important piece to its production process optimisation strategy. The aim is to address the market with the ability to satisfy all requirements.


Electro Adda’s international expansion program into Germany first began in the early 90’s when Adda Antriebstechnick was born. In 2019, Electro Adda GmbH was created as a result of our constant adaptation to the evolution of the ever developing global market.

Our office in Germany is responsible for Central Europe and is highly experienced in engineering bespoke solutions for more demanding applications such as Industrial and Defence.

From propulsion motors to generators for renewable energy and much more, our highly skilled German Engineering team are competent key players, enabling close client relationships to be built when there is a need for high technology and performance. Our internal workshop and technical team are extremely experienced and knowledgeable, engaging directly with clients when full customisation of product design is required.

Our Hildesheim office is strategically located for both domestic and central European countries.

From here, we can offer full support from enquiry stage through to after sales service.

Contact: Franco Amadori

Electro Adda UK was established in 2014 to support Great Britain, Northern Ireland and global markets serving the world from the UK.

Our skilled and experienced UK team are based in Manchester, a strategic location enabling us to offer local service from enquiry stage, to design, delivery and after sales support to accounts across the whole of the UK and beyond.

Our UK team are highly experienced in offering solutions for hi tech applications such as marine, defence, industrial and are renowned for working closely with OEMs to engineer bespoke products for demanding applications.

In close co-operation with our headquarters in Beverate di Brivio, Electro Adda UK offers outstanding customer service, with quick response times when support is essential.

Flexibility of products, compliance with specifications and global marine classifications, CE and UKCA conformity backed up with Cyber plus accreditation, enables our team, working in conjunction with your organisation, to add value to your end product or project.

Contact: Joanne Wilson – Sales Director