W Series

Water cooled squirrel cage three-phase asynchronous motors

Steel frame
Power 11÷2000 kW Continuous or intermittent duty (S1 or S2 30 minutes)
Frame sizes 132÷560
Insulation Class F
Water cooling (IC7 A1W7)
Protection degree IP 55 (IP 56 on request)
Suitable for inverter supply (up to 690 V)
Vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI)
with ELECTRO ADDA HVP system
(High Voltage Performance)
IEC 60034-1 Standards
EAC (on request)

• Smaller overall dimensions and lighter motors
• Lower heat release into the working environment
• Lower noise
• No power reduction even at high ambient temperatures
• They can be used at a wide speed range at constant torque without derating
• Suitable for installation in hrash environments
• High power density


Marine and defense market


Marine and steel plants applications


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