Electro Adda News - Nr. 1 September 2016


Dear Customers, partners and friends,

in the name of Electro Adda and on behalf of the board and shareholders I have the privilege to introduce our company’s first newsletter.

Given our values, established in 1948 by our founders, our passion for technological excellence, experience, customer satisfaction and our commitment to continuous improvement and advancement, will be the driving factor to the success of our business.

The goal of this newsletter is to share our actions and results but more importantly to collect your suggestions to grow and create value for all of us.

I hope the following short notes may inspire ideas for your companies and open up opportunities to exchange opinions with our team.



Lorenzo Riva

Lorenzo Riva

Electro Adda’s high quality motors for use within marine applications are now endorsed by Lloyd’s Register Type Approval Certificate for motors up to 100 kW - 220 V to 690 V - grid or inverter. supply.


During 2015, Electro Adda acquired an existing company in Romania called Winding&Production, in order to focus on improving the stator winding manufacturing process.

Integration was successfully completed in less than one year, thus greatly increasing the production efficiency of the Electro Adda group.

It has been a sound investment providing the group with a great opportunity to expand!


Electro Adda works closely with schools and universities - they are natural reservoirs of future human resources for our companies.

Electro Adda is one of 104 Italian companies to join ‘Federmeccanica Traineeship’ through a “learning under tutor supervision project” at our facility in Beverate di Brivio (LC).

The University of Aquila also paid a visit to our Head Quarters: this brought about an opportunity to exchange ideas within development areas and bring together Academic and Industrial interests.


COILTECH – The fastest growing international exhibition for the Coil & Winding industry.

The exhibition focuses on Materials and Machinery for the production of electric motors, generators, transformers and winding systems.

Electro Adda will contribute to two technical seminars - high efficiency solutions and electric motors for urban mobility.



Electro Adda continues to offer effective and competitive solutions for marine applications to the marketplace.

Our high efficiency IE2 class customised marine variable speed motors (4 to 37 kW at 690 V) - duly integrated with automation and control systems are utilised as crucial components in on board heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Fuel consumption and emission reduction is the ultimate achieved goal.

High efficiency and production flexibility can add value to our clients.


Heavy Duty Motors

Thanks to our efficient production of “made in Italy” motors, we can now accomplish accelerated delivery times for heavy duty motors up to 250 kW at variable speed.

This will allow end users to schedule maintenance programs within a much shorter time frame.

Electro Adda’s mission is to find solutions for our clients.

Left: heavy duty motor after internal testing


Furnace Motors

Thanks to our flexibility and engineering capabilities we can manufacture special solutions such as furnace motors up to 100 kW at variable speed: these machines are designed to withstand high temperatures and use suitable materials (shaft material) and components (stabilized bearings).

Extreme operating conditions can be accommodated with Electro Adda solutions.


Innovation and product development

Our product portfolio has now been expanded to include S series – smoke extraction motors suitable for high temperatures up to 200°C, 300°C and 400°C.


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